PLEASE let there be some lovely whiz kids who like a challenge (well it’s a challenge in my book, I cant even decipher it). If you do these questions RIGHT I will reward you with a promo to 4700+ (as if that was worth anything lol) erm what else can I do I’ll send you thisAnd in case anyone tries to teach me what to do like the fisherman did to his hungry friend well that doesnt count because I dont care lol. 

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    bro.. this is easy… i saw this when i was in year 9 and 10.. this is th most annoying thing but its easy..
  2. jumbo-jay said: the sad part is that i like doing these kind of math questions..
  3. fuckme-1direction said: EW THIS IS DIGUSTING. EW MATHS
  4. sweepingdeclarations said: you know the sad thing is i would actually sit and do these..