omg i dont know when this was sent but ive just seen it heeeeey :))) i know its a long time like id just turned 14 when i started writing that and if i go back and read it now i cringe so hard omfg honestly how did u enjoy that crap??? but THANKS ANYWAY IM GLAD U DID!! im sorry if u suffered in any way whatsoever n i hope u dont die but frankly i think this is not my fault this is all down to the x factor to one direction and to simon cowell. without them, neither of us would be in this position. im just another victim i swear!! dont u worry i can handle creepiness..well u too sweet anon! let me know if u ever recover! xoxoxo

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helloooo thur guys i had prom the other night and i have come to talk all about it!! 

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perrie edwards talking about zayn’s tattoo

you're the cutest